Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Surprise for Fasha Sandha

             Actually i'm Nora Danish fans. She is cute and petite.I don't know why Rizal want divorce with her . Maybe she is not hot and spicy like Fasha Sandha.

Malaysia hot MaMa
           Fasha Sandha is the person remain who make this both birds separated . Nora Danish just realized she is pregnant after she divorced . Now she is the father and mother for their baby. Being a single mum is not easy .

         Fasha and Rizal said both of them is only a friend .A good friend who share everything and a good listener too.But they a lot conflict and gossip between them . They have been seen many time together. When you see Rizal mean Fasha also was there. (I will follow you).

          Now Fasha is busy with her new drama shooting at pulau Lang Tengah, Teregganu. and this guy give her  and other crew team surprise .Yesterday  noon , One heliocopter landed in the island . You guess who come out ?? yeah ...Nora Danish ex  man Mr Rizal with his friends. He want to give Fasha surprise . But this also make the other crew surprise . I think someone also will also surprise lol ......

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