Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Men In Black Penis

                      What your reaction when see the black and curly hair  unshave penis?????? I just felt want vomited .... no feeling ...............................not interested   lol .....Maybe i not interest with black man ...but if he is mix with white man ,maybe will interest . Inot mean i don't like make friend with nigga well i'm open minded in make friend but making love topic my mind will be close .

                  The photo sent by an african guy . This morning when log in my YM . This man in black disturbing me and asked me to hv a naughty chat ......mmmmmmm i really don't like log in YM .....coz there a lot horny african , indian  and malay man .....Somemore i not interested with naughty chat ......Naughty chat make chater ....but if chat when someone we not interest ....ohhh bye bye..........

            I think some of you know most man in black is scammer or  cheater (not all ) but if compared with the china dolls ...they will lose lol  ....china doll more powerful and talented in cheating.This man in black will find his victims from social network such Zorpia and Tagged (famous among man in black) . After chat ... get the money ....bye bye .............  Most of the man in black target is  chubby aka ugky malays and philippines  women and a few chubby and ugly chinese women .....Maybe they felt this lonely lady need feed  .They don't mind the lady appearance as long can shot pussy cat . They said all hole is same as long can shot .  Chubby lady chosen a victim because they hv big tits and nice nipple to suck . This man in black very like to suck and  breast and pussy.

       This man in black asked me to find chinese and malays lady for him .....I suggest him looks for indian lady . He said indian lady pussy is smelly .( ur body smelly too)  This is our chat contents:

Me:why not you find indian lady?
MIB: Indian pussy smelly , i want chinese or malays girls
Me:How you knew smelly ? 
MIB: i fucked my coursemate before , her pussy very smelly .
ME: why she make love with you ? you rape she ? 
MIB: no , after she saw my big cock  ,she asked me to fuck her . she said never seen such big cock
Me: she not felt pain?
MIB :no she very enjoy my fuck . i suck her black nipples  and lick her pussy .very nice and i cum inside her pussy . she very happy
Me: but u said her pussy smelly why u still lick ?
MIB:because i horny
Me: you cum inside ? mean u not wear condom
MIB:no ,i don't like condom  not nice
                         Girl/Lady ,

     Maybe some of you like big penis or want try big penis like the above .make sure the man in black wear condom , you see how dangerous this man not wear condom when make love with stranger . Although he know the pussy smelly (maybe d girl's pussy infected by sexual illness) but he still not wear any protection . How dirty this man ... no wonder afica country is NO 1 Aids victims.

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Anonymous said...

Well you know what they say about big cocks... all size, no substance, and he'll probably last all of 4 seconds before coming.

Anonymous said...

But why do you add them in the first place since they are damn horny and up to no good, just curious?.Is that something you want from them, hmm... knowledge?

Thanks for the alert about these scammer/cheaters, hope those who happpens to pass by do take notice of this.

I really hope you didn't introduce our fellow chinese, malay compatriot ( indians too ) to these cheaters.Maybe you can post some on china dolls too.

God Bless You

Anonymous said...

so ugly

Miss casanova said...

sure i will alert them .

mmm....yeah ugly mood lol when see this penis

Explorer said...

Hi Miss Casanova,

After reading your blog, I can't stop thinking that you really sounded young and I have discovered some changes in you from the very 1st blog to your recent listing. I should say you are getting mature.

Anyhow I am interest to see how you look like. Would you consider posting 1 of your pictures on your Blog or you might wish to email me.

By the way, I am traveling frequently to KL and perhaps we could met up some day.

Warmest Regards