Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Daphne Iking convert to Muslim???

          Daphne Iking  Malaysian Tv personality . She is also emcee , model, and ambassador. She is kadazan-Dusun blood . Married and divorced with businessman Ryan Chong .

       Her hot scandal is about her daughter .Her daughter is not her ex husband 's daughter ?? so who is the father ???  mAYBE  she also don't know .

       Anyway we still love you Daphne . Not your fault . The man is bad . You help all the lady play the man . Just Enjoy and be a good player .Don't let people bully and hurt you . Nobody can hurt you and be yourself .
        She convert ??? not important . All religion teach good and do good things . No religion teach bad . Only the human teach bad because of their mind . Peace Daphne

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